Feng Shui – If I only had a brain

When attracting blessings into a home many people overlook the unglamorous front, left corner. This is the Knowledge and self cultivation corner and when you have much sexier categories like money and fame, who cares about self cultivation? Unfortunately, just like any great cake recipe, it won’t set up without flour, eggs AND a little sugar. All of the ingredients are necessary to fully benefit, and taste better. Not to mention how on earth are you going to handle all that fame and money if you are too busy making poor decisions?

Knowledge and self cultivation may seem unsexy, but if you are wanting to make better life decisions, become a more skilled entrepreneur, or even have better relationships…then this section is for you. In fact, if you could feng shui only one part of your home, this is the section I recommend first. What? But what about fame and money? It’s so much more glamorous and well fun! No not really. We (our egos) only think it is. Our ability to think, and sharpen our skills in a way that is different from others gives us great value, and makes us unique. I know, Paris and Kimmy K may make you think otherwise but are they really unique? No they are simply famous for unfortunate reasons and contributing in fruitless ways.

If you don’t have the cognitive ability to make proper choices in life you will never recognize that golden opportunity. You continually lose the money that you’re attracting from your prosperity sector and keep picking the wrong mate from your love section adornments. Oh my god, no wonder I keep ending up with Mr wrong! I’m too stupid to know the difference! haha Ok so this may be extreme, but you get the point.

The Knowledge and self cultivation area is in the front left corner of your home. Add books, lots of light and symbols that remind you of wisdom. Hone in on this section of your home. It is vitally important to be the best that you can be as a creative thinker. But there is a ode of warning, be careful with items that may appear to be knowledgeable but are truly detrimental, like newspapers. News is chocked full of stupid people, corruption, murder, suicide and bankruptcies…this is not wisdom, this is the ego’s stupidity at it’s finest.

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  1. P. Dieckman says:

    My front left corner is a laundry room. I think this will be a bit of a challenge.

    • Amanda Gates says:

      P. Dieckman
      Laundry rooms can be a wonderful opportunity. The first is attitude. Know that you are intentionally washing away the dirt and allowing clean, fresh ideas to come forward. Also what a wonderful way to decorate! Add pictures and things that remind you of wisdom or mentors. It is a place you go to often so think intentionally.

  2. Linda holt says:

    I guess I am in trouble because the front left area of my home is a bathroom. Does that mean all my knowledge is being flushed down the toilet?

    • Amanda Gates says:

      If your bathroom is not intentionally decorated then yes, but that does not mean trouble! Make sure the faucets and toilet are working properly, keep the area clean and add pictures that inspire you! keep the toilet seat down, and keep affirmations in the bathroom that inspire and uplift you.

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